Converging the knowledge, experience and training amongst team we impose to save the life of an animal against all hardships and handing them to their respective homes.



Nailing the wildlife rescues mostly concentrating on urban areas is imperative to the warriors of Conservation. Allotting equal importance of wildlife apart from domestic lives, we endure to protect wildlife

Our works

Honey buzzard rescue

A honey buzzard was found severely dehydrated. Rescued her and gave proper treatment and feed. She recovered quick and was released back to her habitat.

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Spotted Owlet Rescue

Spotted Owlet was trapped in Manja for more than two weeks. She was alive as parent owlets kept feeding her daily. Kids around the community…

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Greater Flamingo Rescue

Greater Flamingo’s are migratory birds. They visit to Hyderabad every year in their migratory path. A Flamingo was spotted at a lake with an injured…

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Elephant Calf Rescue

Kerala Flood Relief

Torrential rains have caused Kerala face the worst flood in history, killing over 400 people and countless animals. Govt of Kerala evacuated people from the…

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