Wildlife Conflict Mitigation - Animal Warriors

In the recent tiger human conflict situation at Telangana’s Komaram Bheem Asifabadh District. Our team AWCS has taken the initiative of spreading Public awareness as a measure to mitigate the Tiger Human Conflict. We continuously putting our efforts to alert the public on how to avoid the confrontation with the Tigers by following Time Restrictions, Avoiding the sensitive areas.
We have donated 200 Human face masks to people who work in the fields in Five Villages. These masks are to be used by field workers by wearing the back of their heads. This technique is to alert the animal when it is attacking from the back of the person. We also donated Whistles to the community who are in regular contact with the forests and their adjacent areas. We have donated more than 600 whistles in the process of alerting the animal from a safe distance and allowing the animal to move away. This process can avoid the human close confrontation with Tigers and other wildlife.

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