Responsible kite flying Vendor Management

Kite flying season is starting ! Vendors are stocking kites for this seasons sale !!!

Manja is a type of kite string that is traditionally used in India and other parts of South Asia. It is made of cotton or nylon thread that is coated with a sticky paste made from crushed glass, metal, or other abrasive materials. Unfortunately, this type of string poses a serious threat to birds, as it can become tangled in their wings and feet, leading to injury or death. In some cases, birds may even become entangled in the string and be unable to free themselves. Every year thousands of birds dying because of the Nylon/Glass coated Manja.

We took an opportunity to educate Kite Vendors about the Nylon / Synthetic Manja Ban by NGT !!! It’s great to see Vendors taking a “Pledge to not to stock or sell Nylon Manja” !!! The change has begun !!!!

Responsible Kite Flying is an initiative by @awcs_org and @hcl_foundation under @hclharit program to educate communities about the impacts of Nylon Manja on birds and environment and also saving birds which are injured or trapped in them !!!!

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