Feral Pig rescued from abandoned water pit

A feral pig fell into a water pit in a remote area of an abandoned plot. It was too remote even identify. A nearby high-rise building residents spotted a the the animal moving in water and contacted us immediately.

Our team sprung into action. Upon searching the location we found the pit was in a very remote area and is fully surrounded by bushes. The pig was unable to come out of the pit due slippery plastic sheet. He was very aggressive and wild to even handle directly. To minimize the stress to the animal we used rope technique to give a support. We made sure the rope doesn’t coil around the neck which can be very dangerous. After few futile attempts the pig caught the rope in mouth as we pulled him out. He ran back to life into bushes.

We raised concerned with land owners with the support of neighborhood to fence the pit to avoid future accidents, which they did immediately.

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