A Mother dog’s head got stuck in a plastic container

Dog Rescue Container
A Mother dog’s head got stuck in a plastic container. She was trapped for 5 days. She couldn’t eat or drink. Even though she never stopped giving her pups milk. Her energy was draining out cos of hot summer and feeding puppies. Upon receiving distress call by colony residents who tried there best to rescue this elusive dog. With proper planning the dog was cornered and caught safely. With all precautions taken the jar was removed carefully freeing the dog from the death trap. With a happy face, she ate some biscuits offered by colony people and ran to her pups.
Whenever you find empty plastics jars especially the ones used for biscuits and food items simply crush them to avoid a future accident.
We heartfully thank Hyderabad City Police and locals who helped us save this dog and her pups in these hard times.

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