Kitten rescued from a 6 inch wide bore-well



A kitten fell into a bore-well of 6 inch wide and around 110 ft deep. She was hanging onto pipe at 30 ft depth. Only her was out of water, she kept hanging onto the pipe. After 5 hours of struggle she became very weak and tired. We had very less time to save her. With proper planning  support rope was sent in. Nothing was visible from top. Had to use zoom camera to monitor the situation. After many failed attempts, surprisingly she bit the support rope very firmly. Slowly she was pulled to safety. She was very cold by then, using hair dryer and some warm hugs from the team she recovered from the cold. After a while she became very active and started looking for mother who was watching the whole operation sitting ahead. She was fed with warm milk which she enjoyed pretty much and ran to mother. Every moment was so tensed in this rescue operation. The bore-well was sealed properly to avoid future accidents


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