Stray Animals suffering without food and water during lockdown.

Dogs woke up to new streets which they never dreamt of. World’s Largest Lock down made busy Indian streets hauntingly deserted.

All shops and restaurants are closed. Dustbins became cleaner than ever. Only Question in a dog’s mind is “Where to find food”?

Conditions are becoming worst for Dogs around Parks and tourist places.

Animal Warriors Conservation Society feeds dogs around tourists places and parks daily to make sure these dogs don’t starve to death.

We identified tourist places where dogs are dependent on food stalls inside.

We are feeding more than 200 dogs daily travelling more than 60kms around the city.

Along with this , Animal Warriors Conservation Society is actively saving animals which are in life-threatening situations like trapped between rocks, fell in well , stuck on sunshades or even hanging by Manja.

With a bare minimum equipment we are risking to save lives.

Kindly donate us to get good equipment to save animals and a vehicle to transport injured large animals and daily feed to dogs in remote areas.

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