Species specific

With a pacing hustle of our environment lifestyle customs drawing a narrow thread of ecological imbalance mostly affecting species causing a flow to endangerment.

habitat restoration

Balancing the ecological and economical aspects of our society is mostly weighing at lucrative capitalistic environment dealing a void in ecological balance for inhabitants.

Urban wildlife

Promoting acquisition of unique wildlife habitats as well as maintenance of and access to existing habitats in or near urban areas is widely potent than chaining singularity of mankind.

Sparrow nest box

Our works

Ghost Nets Cleanup Drive

Ghost Nets are fishing nets abandoned by fishermen. These nets often act as death traps killing wildlife.Osman Sagar is a major lake and a very…

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Habitat Restoration

Ameenpur lake attracts thousands of migratory birds. Due to severe urbanization, this lake doesn’t have good trees for birds to nest or roost. So Animal…

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Ameenpur Lake

Lake Cleanup Drive

Due to irresponsible waste disposal, many lakes are being polluted by plastic waste. These plastics turn into death traps for many migratory birds. Animal Warriors…

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water bowl for birds

Water Bowl for Birds

Water is basic necessity for all life forms. Harsh Summers are becoming tough time, especially for wildlife. Animal Warriors Conservation Society’s Water Bowl for Birds…

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Sparrow nest box

Bring Back Sparrows

House Sparrows once a common species among human habitats are becoming a rare sight. The main reason for this rapid urbanization. This is making house…

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